November 14, 2019

"What does being MASCULINE mean to you? Is it being strong and powerful?  Is it being sensitive and empathetic? Is it attempting to burst every vein in your neck while doing a heavy seated row? For me it’s all of the above (and then some!) Regardless of what you identify with, the fact that your body starts to produce less testosterone as it gets older is here to stay. I’m using REBOOT by Be Spunki to help me be my best and to hold on to whatever I’ve got left, because I’m worth it.

When I see my male clients pushing themselves to the edge (whether it's physical, mental or both), I do what I can to help. Obviously my goal is to achieve wellness through regular exercise and a solid nutrition platform, but when it comes to supplements there's a myriad of options out there to choose from. I've started recommending REBOOT by my mates at Be Spunki.  It's totally natural and formulated to enhance physical and cognitive performance, as well as helping to maintain stamina and endurance.


Although I’ve noticed more men talking about both general and mental health as of late, it's clear that we still have a discrepancy between men and women's health within the media.

On average, men die six years earlier than women and over half of Australians diagnosed with cancer are male, however I was most shocked to discover that 4 in 6 suicides that occur in Australia are also male. These stats make me feel that historically men’s health has taken a backseat and I believe that this is for no other reason other than men can feel pressured by a sense of toxic masculinity and stubbornness inhibiting them to discuss the issue or reach out for help.

Recently it’s become much more common to see men talking about their health in public and I for one believe that this conversation is healthy and well overdue. It’s refreshing to see a company that is really focused and passionate on men's physical and cognitive health like Be Spunki, which is something I have not seen before for men over 30. Be Spunki continually foster this conversation about men’s health through creating their bespoke line of products which provide the support men need across Australia.

Since I’ve been using REBOOT, I’ve noticed an increase in energy throughout the day, better sleep at night; I also find that I reach my fitness KPI’s quicker and feel better doing so. I feel like it’s important to highlight that REBOOT is not a testosterone pill, instead, it supports your body’s natural testosterone level and production, strengthen the adrenals, reduce insulin resistance and cleanses your liver ultimately improving your cognitive and physical performance simultaneously. Despite all the health benefits of Be Spunki, my favourite feature of REBOOT is that all the ingredients are natural and the owners continue to manufacture this product locally in Australia. I will certainly continue using REBOOT by Be Spunki and don’t hesitate to recommend it to my clients and friends."

- Dylan Rivier | Personal Trainer | Barry's Australia founding instructor