November 01, 2019


Five weeks ago I met some amazing people behind Be Spunki and their REBOOT product for males. I’ve always been careful with what goes into my body, especially when it can also benefit my mental health in anyway.

When I was shown the product called REBOOT and how it helps men to thrive in today's stressful and chaotic lifestyle I was a skeptical at first. But now, five weeks later I stand completely committed. Not only do the current products naturally do amazing things, the new ones being refined continue to get better and better.

I recommend any young or older male, that continues to want to improve their daily hustle, to try REBOOT and discover a new way to think, train and tackle life. We can’t get every single mineral everyday, but we can hit the reboot button when it's time for a change!

- Daniel Conn, professional athlete | ex-NRL player for the Bulldogs, Gold Coast Titans and Sydney Roosters | Elite Functional Trainer